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Mac machine - tears

Well…what a great start to 2018 today was! It’s Monday 1 st January 2018, and Many Tears has been buzzing with people. A good sign…because it meant a number of dogs were put on temporary hold whilst their excited and hopeful new owners dashed home to complete the online application forms, a number of dogs were reserved, and a number of dogs were adopted!
  And…Romeo – the large tan and white male Pointer – who arrived from Cyprus a few months ago – returned to my section! Which made me extremely happy, and my baby boy extremely happy too! Romeo was rescued from living on the streets of Cyprus, and has only ever known that life and what it’s like to live in a kennel for a large part of his life. He was flown over here with about a dozen other dogs, including his very best friend/girlfriend/soul mate - Maya. The two of them began their journey in this country on my section – and both quickly became two of my ALL TIME favourites. My side kicks. And - my rocks. If I had a tough day – it was Romeo and Maya who I’d go to to help me get back on track! The 3 of us spent hours together – running around the sandschools playing their favourite game - fetch, going on long walks, sharing cuddles – one of Romeos trademarks was his cuddle…he’d somehow manage to balance his weight on his back legs which looked quite a challenge for him as he was so big bless him – and wrap his two front paws and arms around your waist so tightly whilst gazing into your eyes! Romeo had a reputation for being a lady's man in Cyprus – with both female dogs and female humans lol! He became a lady's man over here too! He also loved belly rubs before bedtime. And, if you didn’t walk him with Maya, he’d often drop to the ground in the middle of his walk and ask for belly rubs – right in the middle of the road!!! Both he and Maya the female black and white Pointer were just SO easy to look after. They were clean in their kennel, quiet and relaxed – occupying themselves with toys during their time in their kennel, and then both were so full of fun and energy when out and about! They were perfect! So beautiful! Affectionate and loving. And I adored them. To be fair, I worshiped the ground they walked on! Anyway, a while ago, Maya was adopted by a lovely couple who have a large, beautiful, easy going male Springer Spaniel. I was so happy for her and for them, but sad for Romeo. But I knew his time would come. He made lots of new friends – including some more of my favourites - Serah and Sansa the two fluffy bouncey, affectionate Romanian girls – and the very beautiful Ruby-Doo –   who is very choosy with who she likes to spend time and live with! I noticed Romeo was a bit nervous and wary of meeting new dogs – but quickly became the best friend they had ever had, and interestingly, he adopted a bit of their personality too! Anyway…Romeo got reserved. Unfortunately, and through no fault of his own, the meet and greet didn’t go too well.
Today however, he had another meet and greet. And boy was he in for a surprise… I can’t tell you how much we all wanted it to go well. I waited all morning in great anticipation for his potential new owners, brother and sister to arrive… Anita came to fetch me and told me Sylvia had arranged for the meet and greet to take place in the round pen. I dashed to reception and gave his potential new Mum and Dad the biggest excited smile ever, before bending down in front of Maya who climbed up me and gave me the biggest hug ever! Her Mum said she seemed to remember me which made me feel so good. I was over the moon! Maya looked incredible! … So happy and relaxed and madly in love with her Mum and Dad, and her Springer brother who she playfully and cheeky smacked across the head and barked at before twirling around with the biggest smile spread across her face, before running after her big brother and the tennis ball! They played fetch so well together! They looked like the happiest dogs alive! I bought Romeo over. He and Maya ran towards each other and began prancing around in circles, flirting! They were so happy to see eachother again and Romeo came running over and gave me one of his hugs – throwing his head back with a huge smile across his face! I think he was pleased to be re-united with his soul mate. Both he, Maya, and their cool as a cucumber, cute, rather large Springer brother - tore around the sandschool, chasing after the tennis ball, colliding into one another and not minding in the slightest! Springer brother was the fastest, followed by Maya, followed by the heavy weight Romeo! They had great fun and so did Mum, Dad, myself and Sylvia, watching the 3 of them. Mum filled the paper work in, they all jumped in the car. Romeo looked a little concerned as to what was happening, but Maya gave him a reassuring kiss over the back seat…and his brother gave him a reassuring smile…
Happy New Year Romeo and family. I am incredibly happy for you. That was probably one of my all time favourite meet and greets. And Happy New Year to everyone who supports us at Many Tears, making these kind of things possible.    

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