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Biosphere #1 - moments of silence

In 1976 a series of scholars, including Ramón Margalef , James Lovelock , Lynn Margulis , and John and Nancy Todd signed a key consensus paper entitled “ Ecological Considerations for Space Colonies ,” which was published in the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America . In it they argued that “the question of space colonization should be explored,” though they thought one should build a closed ecosystem on Earth before trying to build one in space. After all, “if stable and productive closed ecosystems could not be made to function on Earth they certainly would not function in orbit,” and definitely not on the moon or on Mars. Their paper became the cornerstone of what is likely the most expensive ecological experiment ever, namely the Biosphere 2 project in Oracle, Arizona.

The earth has survived some very catastrophic change, and even evolutionists admit that at different times in earth's history climate conditions were quite different from what they are today. Due to the weakness of their theory, many evolutionists now appeal to some form of catastrophe catalyzing the sudden disappearance of the dinosaurs. Indeed, many things were quite different, not just climate.

Substrata (released, oddly, on the new age-heavy All Saints label) was the first full-length solo work released by Biosphere 's Geir Jenssen following a three-year period of silence. The album was the first of three to appear almost simultaneously, however -- the other two being the soundtrack to the psychological thriller Insomnia, on the Norwegian Origo Sound label, as well as his third Apollo album -- proving he'd hardly been in hibernation. Interestingly, while many ambient artists have moved increasingly toward the integration of percussion and rhythmic sequencing, Substrata finds Jenssen almost completely abandoning the rhythmic elements of earlier works such as Patashnik and "Novelty Waves," focusing on dark, subtly melodic, often piercingly melancholic soundscapes that flow seamlessly from one to the next. The album recalls the more abstract moments of Global Communication 's ambient works, as well as the glacial expanses of Jenssen 's 1996 collaboration with Higher Intelligence Agency , Polar Sequences , and is quite easily among his most accomplished, satisfying works to date.

Biosphere #1 - Moments Of SilenceBiosphere #1 - Moments Of SilenceBiosphere #1 - Moments Of SilenceBiosphere #1 - Moments Of Silence