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Ben mono - hit the bit

You can even learn, within just a few week’s time, some pretty nifty bedroom tricks that keep you going for quite some time at what I would rank as a relatively high pleasure rate compared to just “plain ol’ sex”.

The vocals ( voc1 , voc2 , voc3 ) are separated on the Frequency Map into their fundamental notes, harmonics, and sibilant consonants. There is some overlap between voc1 and voc2 because there are so many vocal harmonies. One of the key tracks in this mix is the woodwind melody ( w1 , w2 ; fundamentals, harmonics), which we’ll explain at length below in our track detail map. The claps occupy a broad range of frequencies in the treble range, and finally a vibrato synth ( vsn1 , vsn2 ) can be heard playing an E5 note on the backbeat throughout the song. This track adds critical interest to the song by using a sine-wave LFO to modulate the pitch of the synth, which is routed periodically through a chorus filter. So, from a glance at the Frequency Map, it’s easy to see just how complex this straightforward-sounding song truly is.

Ben Mono - Hit The BitBen Mono - Hit The BitBen Mono - Hit The BitBen Mono - Hit The Bit